Amy W

After attending college as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Amy grew restless and decided to quit school, move to Los Angeles, and become an Actress.

 Discovered shortly after she arrived in Southern California, Amy's ability as a model immediately landed her numerous print ads and television commercials including work for the Miller Brewing Co., Wrigley's and Nestea.

 While her career as a model remains in full swing, Amy's passion is acting. At the same time, she is also taking voice lessons with plans to cut an album one day. She has written on fitness and nutrition for a number of magazines, and has completed her first book, which has already been  released. Amy was,  Voted one of F H M’s sexiest women in the world and has been featured in Maxim Magazine, DT, FHM, Stuff Magazine, Brentwood, Shape, OYE, Women’s Health and Fitness, STUN, Muscle and Fitness and many more.


 Film   SAG/AFTRA                                         

 Shades of Love                           Supporting                    Dreamy Eyes Prod.

 Unbeatable Harold                    Supporting                      Universal Pictures

 Portrait of Eve                              Lead                             Abiather Films

  Pumpkin Carver                             Lead                                       Mannatee Films

  Adventures of Joe Dirt                  Principal                                 Universal Pictures

  Paully’s Dead                                Supporting                    Miramax

     CrackerJack III                            Star                           North American Pictures

     Hollywood Digital Diaries            Lead                             7 Ponies Productions

 Return of the Thief of Bagdad         Lead                           Indus Productions

 Starforce                                           Star                       New Gate Pictures

 The Contract                                  Lead                        Lavetta Entertainment

 Kolobos                                        Star                   Ambush Entertainment     














 Art House                                   Lead                        Dominion Entertainment

 Hunt for National Treasure            Lead                    CPG Productions


 The Probe                            Recurring                               Comedy Central (pilot)

 CSI                                         Guest Star                             CBS

  Son of the Beach                Series Regular                                   F/X 






  Andy Richter Controls          Guest Star                             20th Century Fox

  Seventh Heaven                Guest Star                             Spelling Entertainment

   Port Charles                                   Recurring                               ABC

   Smack down                                    Series Regular                                   UPN

   Little Monsters                               Guest Star                             NBC (pilot)

   Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye  Supporting                             20th Century Fox

    18 Wheels of Justice                      Guest Star                             TNN



 Scott Sedita (currently) Amy Lyndon , The Groundlings, Brian Reise, John Short, Larry Moss, Ivana Chubbick, Michelle Danner, Margie Haber, Joanne Baron, D.W. Brown, Rick Goldman, Darryl Hickman

Special Skills

  Motorcycle Riding, Horseback, Gymnastics, Kickboxing, Weight Training, Poker, Cooking,

 In line Skating, Dancing, Singing, Snowboarding, Cheerleading;         













After attending college as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Amy grew restless and decided

Ethnicity : Caucasian
Weight : 104 lbs
Height : 5' 5
Bust : 34C
Waist : 23
HairColor : Brown
EyeColor : Hazel

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