Marta M.

Brunette vixen Marta has a signature infectious laugh which shows her fun-loving side and makes her adorably sexy. Obviously her stint on the pilot “Secret Girlfriend”as the spicy Carmen was significantly memorable. Telegenic, photogenic and arrestingly attractive, MARTA’s stunning Costa Rican/Irish roots surely classifies her in the list of most beautiful women in the world. Marta projects herself with innate gracefulness.

 She was cast as a Dream Girl in upcoming comedy ‘FOOD STAMPS’ (above) with MACHETE MAN Danny Trejo. We especially love that she takes a passionate interest in her fellow actors and now helms the Actors Reporter Website where she is a host on anything and everything actor-related. This actor resource has everything one needs to know about the film industry and beyond. With such a striking charisma on-screen, MARTA’s sunny, bubbly disposition is what has connected with audiences and this girl can turn on the SEXY anytime she wants to!

She has extensive experience working as a model for events, including NASCAR, Fashion Shows, Gaming Conventions and A-list parties to name a few. She has provided services as a host, promoted merchandise, interacted with guests, etc. Duties included public relations, promotions (selling products, educating customers on products, handling displays and samplings, etc.), surveys and much more. She also has experience in marketing and sales with a B.S. in Public Relations and is bilingual (Spanish Speaking).

Marta M has joined the cast of feature “8,” comprising eight shorts by different helmers. Her segment is directed by Wim Wenders. You may have seen her on feature “Short Cut to Hollywood” and guest roles in “Reno 911!” and “iCarly.”

Ethnicity : Latino
Weight : 110 lbs
Height : 5' 6
Bust : 36
Waist : 27
HairColor : Brown
EyeColor : Brown2

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