Deena is a Redondo Beach native of African American and German decent.  This rising star isn't only beautiful, but book smart as well.  She is currently majoring in Public Relations, minoring in Journalism.  Deena  Nicole has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since the age of nine years old when first landing a national barbie commercial.  Deena Nicole does a variety of spokes model marketing for your favorite brands such as Budweiser, Trace 3, Colgate and the list goes on and on.  Currently a spokes model for 93.5 Kday radio in Los Angeles.  Deena also has a wide range of commercials running from Advil, Allstate, to Verizon.  She has appeared on T.V. shows such as Boston Public and Young and the Restless.  Deena Nicole has a long list of Print Modeling from University of Phoenix, Pacific sun wear, Verizon and More.  Stay tuned for this rising star.

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