Rachel S

Rachel S was born in Long Beach California where she lived until she was 13. Living in Long Beach gave her a good sense of reality, street smarts, and most of all, a different perspective on fashion, and life style. She moved from Southern California in 6th grade to a very small, quaint town called Carmel in northern California. Growing up in Carmel gave her an appreciation for natural beauty, and a love for nature. While Carmel was a beautiful and safe environment to live in, she always had a taste for a faster pace, and less conservative life style that Southern California had to offer.

She moved back to Long Beach at the beginning of Sophomore year in high school, and decided to continue her education in homeschool junior year where she had a chance to work, finish school, and develop relationships outside of high school. She has always been wise for her years, and felt that she was on a different page than kids her same age.

Soon after graduating, she moved out on her own at the age of 19, and began modeling on the side while also working various jobs.

She started modeling through making connections in the night life network since she was go-go dancing every weekend, and  was able to use the new found social networking websites that have launched so many other modeling careers in the past. Each experience led her to more new experiences that helped create the modeling career she has today.
She now lives in Orange County and continues to hold good relationships with modeling agencies, photographers, and companies she has worked with.

Today she is going to school and modeling fulltime. She is majoring in Psychology where she plans to stay in the modeling industry by helping other models with any hang ups they may have, and offering real advice from her personal experiences in the industry. She is living her dream while helping others.

Ethnicity : caucasian
Weight : 100 lbs
Height : 5' 3
Bust : 34D
Waist : 23
HairColor : Brunette
EyeColor : Hazel

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