Amara was born in Bakersfield, California and started her career with a just a simple hum. Perhaps that’s because she had not yet learned how to talk and could only hum along with the music that made her such a happy toddler. But by age 3, now living in Los Angeles County, she had found the words and could perform any song playing on the radio.

By the time Amara reached age 7 she had joined a children’s musical performing group, traveling throughout the county, including numerous performances with the Conejo Players. During one of her performances she was approached by a photographer and began modeling. Her star quality caught the eye of a talent manager and agent. She then took on a busy acting career with roles in commercials and television. Amara also competed in the modeling, acting, and singing categories at the International Music and Talent Association (IMTA) where she was approached by numerous music producers, including one of Herbie Hancock’s producers.

Although Amara was achieving great success, her passion was with music and performing on the stage, while her manager wanted her to continue on with acting. Dissatisfied with the direction her management was taking, Amara decided to branch out on her own with a primary focus on music. Days later she began working with Herbie Hancock’s producer where her songwriting skills flourished.

She has continued to perform and work with many local music producers and artists; including the likes of Jellyroll, Bosco, Spliff Star, Ralph Hawkins Jr., and Mike Scott; and even though Amara’s life tragically came to a halt, due to a major car accident, her determination and perseverance kept her driven to continue to do what she was destined to do. Through her life’s journey she has learned a lot about herself and has gained a great deal of experience. Amara brings you music that is raw and real; plucked straight out of the pages of her life, and she is definitely one artist that is indefinable.

Ethnicity : Caucasian
Weight : 128 lbs
Height : 5' 5
Bust : 34C
Waist : 28
HairColor : Brunette
EyeColor : Blue

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